Sunday, November 16, 2014

Turkey phonics freebie!

Happy Sunday, friends!

I'm looking at my week a little today and we will be reading Turkey Trouble, A Plump and Perky Turkey, Who Will Carve the Turkey, and an expository text on Thanksgiving. I *love* teaching about Thanksgiving! It is fun to teach about the holidays and there are SO many fun books to use!

I just wanted to share a few little freebies with you to use since time is running out of November. Do you have all of Thanksgiving week out?! I do not! 

I'm using this in intervention this week for my kiddos who are ready for it!
Click over HERE to snag it up!

We are also working on beginning, middle, and end a LOT. Click on the picture to grab this page!

This one is a little alternate ending book for your kids to get a little creative! I love hearing what they write! Click on the pictures below to snag up the freebie!

I hope you can use some of this with your kids! Have a great week!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Word problems FREEBIE!

Happy Sunday, y'all!

I went to the grocery store just a little bit ago {my least favorite weekend chore!} and it was cuh-razy! I'm sure you've heard about this "polar vortex" that is about to hit the U.S. by Tuesday..well, when it is going to get crazy cold or snow here (which happens probably 5-6 times a year) people go nuts at the grocery store. Like, you have to wait in a line to be able to get a cart. Water, milk, and bread starts disappearing from the shelves. I'm glad I decided to go today..because tomorrow will be bananas! Does this happen where you live?! Or is it just crazy Texans?!

So...I asked you guys on my Facebook page if you would be interested in thematic addition and subtraction story problems and the answer was overwhelmingly...YES! I whipped up this little packet that will be perfect for the next few weeks. When I asked, many of you requested missing addend questions and story problems with a little more rigor. This packet covers all the bases...for K babies just beginning and 1st graders already solving story problems independently!

To snag up a little freebie so you can try these out with your kiddos, click HERE or on the picture below.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Verbs! {Interactive Freebie}

Happy Wednesday!

We've been working on verbs a lot the past week...and I REALLY wish I had taken more pictures of what we have! We have sung songs {from YouTube} about verbs, acted verbs out, made sentences with verbs and sorted them. 

I just wanted to share really quick with you guys this little interactive page that I had my kids put in their interactive notebooks today! I made this easy-peasy for my was a half day and we were already a little short on time so we added the definition to our notebooks and illustrated {and labeled what we could} 2 different verbs.
Click on the pictures to snag this little freebie up! After the thought...I decided that it would be fun to add a little bit to the interactive page and brainstorm verbs that we can do in different places at school so I added the second page. Hopefully I can get around to it with my kids! To use it, Your students will fold on the dotted line and glue the little strip to their notebook. Then, they will draw underneath the flap (much like a sticky note).
I hope you enjoy! I love to hear from you if you snagged it up!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


You guys... I swear school just started! How can it already be November?!
As I was working on my November pack I was trying to think what my kids really need to be working on at this time. I feel like we have so far to go and we're already 50 days in! There are so many things to cover! 
I think every month that I make these packets the new one becomes my favorite...I am loving those cute little Melonheadz graphics! We are beginning learning about Thanksgiving starting next week!! I can't wait to incorporate those little guys into a little reader.
I'm thinking about making a packet with just these fall themed addition and subtraction stories...what do you think?! Is it something you'd like to see? Click HERE to see this packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phonemic Awareness FREEBIE!

Hi friends!

We have been working HARD on listening to the beginning sounds of picture cards and discriminating between sounds that are the same and sounds that are different lately. Some of my students are SO good at this and others still struggle. It takes a lot of practice!

We usually warm up with this activity at teacher table using the picture cards that are provided with our Treasures curriculum. I have been trying to figure out a way to put this into a station without getting all my cards mixed up so I came up with this little freebie!
 I usually will say the words as we point to them and say "which one does not sound the same?"
{for example... "fish, foot, taco"} and my students will point and say the word that does not belong. I made these little task cards so that my students can practice more independently and self-check with a partner!
Click HERE to snag up the freebie!! I hope you can use these in your class!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Field trip organization

Hi friends! We just went on our annual field trip to the Corn Maze this week. I think I'm still picking hay out of my hair! ;)

When it comes to taking 20 kindergarteners to a place where they can EASILY be takes a lot of organization on the teacher's part to ensure that no student gets left behind! This year I think I've got my routine down pat..

When we go on field trips we always ask for parent volunteers to work/monitor a group of kids. There is NO way I could do it all myself! Once parents have graciously volunteered, I put my students into groups of 3-4 depending on the amount of volunteers. Then I whip out my garage sale dots and name tags!
I put *my* name on the name tags...we have 5 other classes plus all the other schools and general public that are out there at the same time. That way...if a kid gets separated from the group it's easy to see who they belong to. Each kid gets a colored dot that places them into their group. Each volunteer is in charge of one color group.
Then...I make a little care kit for each volunteer. I pack things a parent might need without having to come to me to ask for bandaids, kleenex, sanitizer, etc. from my field trip kit. The little tag also has the list of students in each group.
This has been the BEST way to organize groups and volunteers for me and it works every time! Parents appreciate that I am prepared and aren't just throwing kids at them left and right. If you'd like the {EDITABLE} tags click HERE to snag them up!

Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Burlap Bunting - great teacher gift!

Happy Monday, y'all!

I posted a few pictures on my Instagram account over the weekend of a little bunting that I made to decorate for fall in my house. I had so many requests for a tutorial that of course I obliged! :)

Seriously...this is the EASIEST thing ever and it looks fabulous with little effort! This would be perfect as a teacher gift with the teacher's name painted on it. OCD friends who have to have everything just so...beware when you're using burlap. It is a little difficult to cut perfectly so just let it go...take a deep will look great in the end!
You will need: 
-burlap in 2 different colors or burlap ribbon {I had scraps...I didn't even use 1/8th of a yard}
(this ribbon was from Hobby Lobby- I used it for another project a while back so I had it in my closet but I got it 1/2 off when I bought it)
-plastic needle
-hot glue, scissors, paint of your choice. the fun part..cutting your burlap!!! I taught you a trick to cut burlap in this tutorial but I don't use it when I cut small take a deep breath, sister. You've got this. Repeat after me. It does not have to be perfect! I didn't use a pattern because I'm not the measuring type...but if you need one, click HERE to snag mine up.
I cut out the rectangles first and then went back and trimmed the edges that were super far off. {just eyeball it!} eh hemm.. I had a few that were far from perfect.
Next, cut out the triangle shape for the bunting.
Follow the same process for the coordinating burlap....if you use the burlap ribbon it is much easier to work with. It's more stiff and cuts WAY easier!
If you are using the template, you don't need to follow this step. I didn't, so I had to fold my burlap in half to cut the triangles out at about the right size.  If you are going to paint anything on the top layer, this is the time to do it! Just place it on top of a piece of paper to be sure it doesn't bleed through.
Use a thin line of hot glue to tack the top bunting to the bottom bunting.
Line your bunting pieces up the way you want to string them. Thread your needle with the twine.
Thread the twine in and out of the bunting. Leave as much or as little space between each piece.
Hang up and enjoy!
Now head over to Tara's linky party and see all the other fun crafts this week!!